Sak Yant Foundation Community Project

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Sak Yant Foundation

Sak Yant Foundation Project

Welcome to the new Home of the Sak Yant Muesum and Foundation For creation of a Center of Knowledge on Sak yant, Sacred Geometry of Yantra, and the Thai Ruesi Tradition. This Project is currently in preparation to be installed within the same grounds as the Ashram of Ajarn Spencer Littlewood. Once land has been purchased and Building can begin, Spencer will invite any volunteers to come and practice or help, and learn, and hopefully some people may become members of the Comittee of the Sak Yant Foundation. The first Project is to travel to The North to purchase the collection of Kampir Yant for the Museum of Sacred Yant. We are about 20% into the funds needed raised till now. After this, Land will be purchased and Building will slwowly begin.

Once the Museum items are obtained we shall be posting photographic evidence of the installation of the Museum and will begin posting on the progress of the acquirement of a piece of land for building the Ashram. The Ashram will include a Sacred Herb Garden growing rare magical herbs and woods, with explanatory info plaques in English and Thai. A building to house the Museum and Demonstration Samnak, with area for museum demo installation of the various items and methods used in the making of Thai Sacred Amulets, mixture of sacred powders, and other aspects of Thai Buddha Magic. Although Sak yant is the title of the Foundation Page, the Topic is indeed not only Sak Yant Tattoos, but the whole Sacred Geometry practice, Sacred Amulets, Buddha Magic and Ruesi-Ism, and finally last but not least, a Buddhist Project aimed at preserving the Worldly (occult and ancient), but to point the way to the Buddhist Path of the Maggha, which is the Unworldly aspect of the Ashram project, and the heart of the Practice. Ajarn Spencer hopes that he will succeed in manifesting the Ashram to the point where people can come and practice and stay, and is using mostly his own funds to realize t6his project, with the assistance of some few donations which some very kind people sometimes give, and without which, Ajarn Spencer would probably lose hope of any Public Interest in this Niche Topic

Sak Yant Thai Buddhist temple Tattoos