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Ajarn Pi Bang Grating – Sak Yant Master in Chiang Mai

Enjoy a good look at the amazing Sak Yant Tattoos of Ajarn Pi Bang Grating, a young Ajarn  who operates half the month in Chiang Mai and half the Month in Bangkok. His most popular and famous Sak Yant tattoo is the Suea Liaw Hlang tiger (looking backwards), but as can be seen from the images in this gallery, he is a very able Master with a wide range of designs in his Pantheon.

Ajarn Pi  can be found in his Samnak in Chiang Mai at

398 Moo 5 Soi Chatone -128 Wat Pra Non Tambon Don Gaew, Ampher Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.

Telephone; 0826270155 or 0900549985

Ajarn Pi is also on Facebook and can be reached here Facebook Page of Ajarn Pi Bang Grating

From the 15th to 20th May 2012 Ajarn Pi will be appearing in Singapore.

Enjoy the Gallery of Sak yant Tatoos from Ajarn Pi

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