Origins and History of Thai Sacred Geometry (Yant)

By Ajarn Spencer Littlewood

Discovering and Understanding the Origins and Developments which have Led to the Phenomenon of Thai sacred geometry or, ‘Yant’

Part One of a Multi Page Publication, attempting to research and define a concrete information source of acceptable evidence regarding the origins and development of the Sak Yant, and Sacred Geometry practices in Buddhist Thailand.

Animism is a strong influence in this Kampir Yant which was found and brought Chiang Saen, in North Thailand

Above Pic; Animism is a strong influence in this Kampir Yant which was found and brought Chiang Saen, in North Thailand

Before going into the National Origins and History of Thai Sacred Geometry and Sak Yant, It would be sensible to trace the roots back to the original Locative Origins; The true Origins of the Sacred Geometry of Thai Yant, must indeed have originally derived from the Yantra Sciences of the Vedic Grimoires.

Yant Lanna

The Rig Veda contained a complete Manual of living, and a host of ‘Wicha’ (Sacred Sciences and Magical Arts). The Basis of the Vedic Hymns and Psalms reflect a Mystical Science which bases its Physics on Symbols and Harmonic Sonic resonances which resound throughout Space and Time, and which can be applied through the incantation of Mantra (Kata in Thai).

The earliest parts of the Vedas began by documenting Astronomical Phenomena, which then developed into a Science of Sacred Heavenly Geometry found as natural patterns in Cosmic Nature (Geometry of Yantra design), as well as including the Science of Vibrational Harmonics (Kata Chanting), and the Science of Numerology (Inclusion of Numerical Symbolism with the Yantra).
Thai Buddhist Yant
I personally believe that these Vedic Sciences are the root of all Mystical Sciences of the Asian, Middle Eastern, and European Continents. The Pyramidal Sciences and the Celtic, Masonic, Druidic and Hermetic Sciences all show traces of derivation from the Vedic Tomes of Knowledge, and even their symbolism and languages show traces of Sanskrit. It is therefore common sense to assume that the Sacred Geometry of Thai Yantra is derived from the Vedic Sciences which were then incorporated into Buddhist Practice over time, with different countries developing their own peculiarities, such as the massive Pantheon of specialized designs found in Thai Yantra.

The Animist Tribes in the various hard to access mountainous and deep forest regions also had a great influence on the Pantheon of Imagery, with certainty. This explains why the various Yant designs found in the various Dtamra found in Thailand can be seen to have Brahman, Buddhist, and Animist Imagery included within the design Pantheons.

It is the specialization which has made the Thai sacred Geometry of Yantra into its own complex Magical Science which in no way has anything to Envy of the Vedic Sacred Geometry Pantheon. In fact they can no longer be compared as the same thinig, for the Thai Magical method has developed its own peculiarities to the point where hardly more than a tenuous connection can be found between the Thai Method and the Brahman method seen in India.

Thai Sacred Geometry is thus rooted in Vedic Sciences, but has now become its own separate and distinct Magical Science with its own peculiarities, for which it must be respected for a Science in its own right. All Sciences are born of a preceding Knowledge, and this is the meaning of the ‘Kroo’ (Guru/teacher). Every Kroo has a Kroo. Every Science is born of a preceding Science.
Dhasa Maha Vidhya Yantra - Vedic Sacred geometry
How the Science traveled to Thailand is also relatively effortless to make an educated assumption that it was the Brahmans who brought these practices with them, and that the local Folk of Suvarnabhumi adopted them, perhaps then developing the medium of tattooed skin as a Warriors Way of Protection and Blessing. Culturally, the various styles and design formulas belonging to each small Ethnic group would differ and thus serve various purposes; Cultural or Tribal recognition markings, Magical Protection, and Religious Worship.
Sacred Buddhist Yantra Cloth of Thai Yai Origin

In Thailand, there are various Traditions of Yant design, each of them using their own particular Alphabet of Characters, and with varying design characteristics. My first Official Publication on this topic (Sak Yant Buddhist Tattoos) dealt with the Khom tradition (Khmer lettering), and I gave a relatively detailed introduction on this system of Khom Pali lettering.

This Article is an Extract from the Introduction Chapter of Ajarn Spencer Littlewoods Second Book on Thai Sacred Yantra. The first Book dealt with the Niche of Sak yant Tattoos, this Second Book will be a much more academic and occult study of Thai sacred geometry, Animist Beliefs and Occult Practices. It will also catalog a massive pantheon of Sacred Yantra from the Lanna, Thai Yai and othher Ethnic Groups, and attempt to uncover the Mysteries therein